Shrub Man is dedicated to an environmentally responsible approach to keeping your landscape healthy. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) focuses on prevention of pests by evaluating every aspect of your landscape and working with the environment to eliminate or greatly reduce pest damage. In most cases a common sense approach to maintaining a healthy environment in which your plants can flourish is possible without the use of harsh chemicals.

The foundation of your annual Shrub Man insect control is horticultural oil. These oils work by suffocating existing pests without the toxic residue that stronger chemicals leave behind. By understanding the life cycle of the pests most likely to cause damage to your landscape we are able to create a timetable of applications and reduce the risk of damage to your landscape plantings. There are cases where the pest has created such a strong foothold that heavier chemical applications may be required or a longer lasting preventative measure is preferred (such as our TickMaster program) but in all situations you can rest assured that your property will be serviced with the most responsible, up to date methods.