landscape service calendar

Shrub Man Plant Health Care Program

Our comprehensive ornamental tree and shrub program is designed to keep your landscape plants healthy, growing and free of insect damage all season long.

Visit 1

Begins Late March – April

Horticultural Oil for Hemlock Wooley Adelgid, scale and over-wintering insects.

Visit 2

Late Spring

Inspection and control for Spring caterpillars, chewing insects, and leaf diseases.

Visit 3


Inspection and control for Summer insects, mites and scale.

Visit 4

Late Summer to Fall

Horticultural Oil for Hemlock Wooley Adelgid, scale and sucking insects.

Visit 5


Deep-Root Feeding – a Complete Hi-Organic Fertilization & Organic Bio-stimulants for increased plant health. This is the foundation of Plant Health Care. Increasing the health & vigor of the plant reduces insect and disease potential.

Additional Services Available:

Winter Protection Spray to reduce winter damage to landscape plants

Spring Landscape Fertilization

Crabapple disease control programs

Mosquito Control (monthly May to September)