Anti-Desiccant Sprays

Evergreen trees and shrubs can be seriously damaged or killed by dry and cold winter winds. Unprotected plants lose essential moisture in their leaves or needles when exposed to severe winter weather. This loss of moisture causes browning and leaf drop, often leaving the exposed part of the plant stunted, disfigured or dead. There is a solution to this common winter problem.

Anti-desiccant sprays applied in the fall coat the foliage of your plants with a thin layer of an organic “sealant” to help the plants resist the drying power of winter winds and conserve the moisture vital to their good health.

Properly applied, a winter protect spray will safeguard your valuable plants through the cold months. It will gradually break down as warm weather approaches and your trees and shrubs begin their Spring growth.

Anti-desiccant sprays sometimes appear slightly milky when first applied, but they dry to form a nearly invisible protective coating.

Damage is always greater during winters that are relatively dry, very cold and windy. The types of evergreens that are especially at risk are any that are planted in open or unprotected spots where winds are not broken by buildings or other plants.

To safeguard your landscape, consider ordering a professional application of anti-desiccant for all of your evergreen trees and shrubs.
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